Online PPF Calculator:

To simply estimate the maturity amount and returns on PPF investment, we have developed a helpful web tool – PPF return calculator. This article gives you an outline of how to use our online PPF calculator.

Using the PPF Calculator

Our calculator enables you to input:
  • Initial Investment – The initial deposit made in your PPF account
  • Annual Contribution – This is the regular subscription amount that you pay into your account every year.
  • Interest Rate (%) – For the current financial year 2022-23, the prevailing rate is 7.1%.
  • Duration (Years) – Period of holding for Public Provident Fund i.e., either 15 or 20 years.
On this basis of the data given above, what it does is make a provision in assisting us in knowing the total maturity sum that is expected after having reached PPF maturity period.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Estimates corpus at maturity and the overall yield on one’s PPF investment
  • Considers compounding to give an accurate projection
  • Allows different contribution levels and interest rate modeling
  • Provides yearly detailed accumulation of PPF amounting sums
  • Describes investments made, net earnings for respective years, and overall returns realized over the entire life period.
  • Simple input identifies minimum required inputs.
  • Assists with savings plan by using projected PPF return as a goal-setting measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this PPF calculator?

Simply enter your initial investment, annual contribution, PPF interest rate and duration/tenure. The tool will calculate the maturity amount.

What details do I need to provide?

You need to input initial investment, yearly contribution, current interest rate and PPF account duration. The calculator will do the rest.

How accurate is the PPF return estimate?

The calculator provides a reliable estimate based on your inputs and the latest PPF rules. However, actual returns may vary slightly.

What if PPF interest rates change in the future?

A. You can modify the interest rate input to recalculate returns at different rates. The tool is flexible.

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