EMI Calculator Online Tool:

If you are thinking about a big purchase and need to figure out what your monthly payments will be, try our new EMI calculator online for an easy and fast way to estimate your monthly loan repayments.

Simply input the amount of the loan, rate of interest and duration of the loan, it’s easy to know how much money is required in terms of EMI. The amortization schedule can be looked at in detail only when the parameters are customized according to specific terms and conditions of the loans.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive inputs – Enter principal amount, interest rate (%) and loan tenure (months)
  • Instant EMI estimate – Get monthly EMI, total interest and payment amounts
  • Customizable parameters – Adjust inputs to match your actual loan terms
  • Amortization schedule – See breakdown of how much interest and principal is paid each month
  • Downloadable results – Get a PDF of your full EMI schedule


  • Plan purchases better – Know your estimated EMIs beforehand
  • Evaluate affordability – See if loan is within your budget based on EMI amount
  • Compare financing options – Adjust inputs to compare EMIs across different loans
  • Understand cash flows – Use amortization schedule to plan for repayment obligations
  • Make informed decisions – Only apply for loans you can comfortably afford
  • Avoid surprises – Get clarity on EMIs so there are no unexpected payments


What details are needed to calculate EMI?

You need to input loan amount, annual interest rate and loan tenure in months. The calculator will estimate your monthly EMI using these details.

What loan types can I calculate EMI for?

You can estimate EMIs for home loans, personal loans, car loans, education loans, business loans etc.

How accurate is the EMI estimate?

The EMI calculator gives you an approximate estimate based on the details provided. Please consult your lender for the actual EMI.

Can I download the EMI schedule?

Yes, you can download a PDF report of the complete EMI amortization schedule with principal, interest and balance for planning purposes.

Does this require any signup or personal data?

No, you can use the EMI calculator anonymously without creating any account or submitting personal information.

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