About YouTube Tags Extractor:

The YouTube Tags Extractor is an innovative web-based tool that allows users to easily extract tags from any YouTube video. This provides valuable insights into the metadata and keywords associated with videos on the platform.

With just a YouTube video URL, the tool scans the page and extracts all tags applied to that video. The extracted tags are presented in a neat, organized list that can be easily copied or exported for further analysis.

Whether you want to conduct competitor research, optimize your own videos, or gain a better understanding of a niche, the YouTube Tags Extractor makes it simple to uncover the tags that creators are using to rank and be discovered on YouTube.


  • Easily extract tags from any public YouTube video with just the URL
  • View all tags associated with a video in one place
  • Export the tag list as plain text for easy sharing and analysis
  • Use extracted tags for SEO and metadata optimization of your own videos
  • Conduct competitor research by analyzing tags competitors are using
  • Discover new keyword opportunities and trends by examining tags in a niche
  • Completely free to use with no limits on extraction


Q: Is the YouTube Tags Extractor free to use?

A: Yes, the YouTube Tags Extractor is completely free and there are no limits on extractions.

Q: Does it work for all YouTube videos?

A: It works for all public YouTube videos. Unlisted or private videos cannot have their tags extracted.

Q: What information do I need to extract tags?

A: You only need the video URL – nothing else is required to extract the tags.

Q: Can I export the extracted tags?

A: Yes, the tag list can be easily copied out or exported as plain text for further use.

Q: Will this tool access or modify my YouTube account in any way?

A: Absolutely not. The tool simply scans the public YouTube page to read tag metadata. Your account is never accessed or modified.

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